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What Should You Look for When Choosing a Subdivision Company?

When the time seems right to begin parcelling out and selling portions of a larger plot of land, enlisting the help of a subdivision company is an essential step. The idea of subdividing your land may be simple enough; for example, you may want to take one large lot and divide it into five or ten spaces suitable for new homes. However, determining the layout of those new plots while registering them legally is a process that can prove long and complicated. The Surveying Company makes quicker work of these tasks and delivers a finished project that enables you to move on to the next phase of development. 

Why Should You Use The Surveying Company 

Quality results are critical when you invest in a subdivision company's service, so why should you trust our team? There are several important reasons to consider before creating a Drury subdivision:

  • We have more than 30 years' experience to put straight to work on your project. We not only have a deep understanding of how transferable titles work, but we also know how to work quickly on subdividing land. When your project needs to move forward now to preserve profitability, we don't delay. We provide the highest level of service possible for our clients. 
  • We have access to the latest surveying technology and techniques, with the team-based knowledge necessary to back it up and make it all work together. From computer-aided design software to the high-tech equipment we deploy in the field, The Surveying Company leverages technology for your benefit. 
  • Our services extend beyond basic surveying, and our team can be a valuable asset for your project over its lifespan. We cover civil engineering such as earthworks, road development, water reticulation, and stormwater analysis, to name a few. For a valuable project consultant that can ensure your efforts achieve their goals effortlessly, The Surveying Company is the ideal partner. 

As your all-in-one partner, we can chart a straight course from concept to finished subdivision. 

What You Should Know About Subdividing Land in Auckland

Is this your first time pursuing a subdivision plan? If so, there are a few things you should keep in mind to help ensure your eventual success:

  • Always research whether your land is eligible for subdivision; our team can assist you in untangling the sometimes complex answer to that question. According to the Auckland Council, there are many factors which influence a plot's suitability for subdivision, such as its size, zoning, title restrictions, and even soil stability. Before ordering any services, always request more information about your land. 
  • Take the time to learn about the special requirements surrounding a transferable title subdivision. If you plan to develop lots separately as a tool for investment or sell to other owners, planning is crucial for a successful subdivision. There may be obstacles in the way, such as zoning concerns or vehicle access difficulties, which you must first address before any further efforts can continue.
  • Your surveying crew will furnish you with information, including what changes you must make to the property, if any, to allow for subdivision. Changes could include adding sewer connections, addressing stormwater concerns, and so on; The Surveying Company's broad skillset comes in particularly useful in these situations. 

At The Surveying Company, we understand that delays can prove costly for your project. On every job, we work swiftly to provide accurate information and actionable plans that chart the course to the finish line. Don't let the intricacies of subdividing land put you off pursuing a potentially valuable project. Contact us today for in-depth assistance in creating a new Riverhead subdivision.

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