The Surveying Company is a wholly NZ owned multi-disciplinary consultancy, with the original and primary office located in Pukekohe. Further associated offices are located in Wellington, Hawkes Bay and the Wairarapa.

Established in 1989 The Surveying Company is a substantial medium sized advisory and Land Development Consultancy with a growing team providing Planning, Surveying, Engineering, Project Management and Urban Design Services. The Surveying Company specialises in Land Development and Resource Management Consultancy.

Company Charter

Our Purpose

Our Purpose

To provide our clients with a hassle-free service that responsibly transforms landscapes to create and deliver valuable places for people to live, work and play.

Our Vision

Our Vision

To be professional leaders in Land Development Consulting in New Zealand.

Our Delivery

Our Delivery

By providing a one-stop shop. To be innovative and work as a team. To listen and communicate well. To maintain good relationships with the Council and other professional consultants to implement designs and see a project through to completion.

Our Cornerstone Values

Be honest, maintain high professional ethics, be responsible for what we do, always tell the truth, be reliable, do what we say we will do.
Be engaged and dedicated. Follow through when things get tough. Keep agreements. Be loyal and faithful.
Positive Attitude
Be optimistic, innovative, adaptive, creative, pro-active, constructive, solution (rather than problem) orientated. Show initiative. Embrace change.
Family is important. Be supportive and respectful of fellow team mates. Be flexible, caring and understanding.
Our Brand Promise

Our Brand Promise

“We turn vision into reality.”

We maximise value, by efficiently transforming landscapes to create and deliver valuable places for people to live, work and play. We consult with our clients and other professional specialists to gather ideas and apply a range of professional expertise to develop and implement outstanding Land Development designs.

The Surveying Company has been providing professional service to property owners across Auckland and the Northern Waikato regions for over 20 years.

To have integrity and honesty is to be trustworthy. To be trustworthy, committed and positive is to lead.

Proven Track Record

The key to consistently delivering great results is to have systematic processes in place for thorough and smooth completion.

1488 subdivisions over the last 10 years 99.8% approved

81% of all subdivisions by The Surveying Company, approved earlier than expected

Average increase in realisable property value of 62% (after a Surveying Company subdivision)

Almost all jobs completed within budget

Latest News
Latest News