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Do you need help with a Resource Consent for a Poultry Farm?


Do you need help with poultry/chicken farm land use consents?  Are you looking to create new poultry sheds or extend existing sheds?  Are you looking to convert to free range? We can help with a variety of applications, whether it be for broilers or egg layers.  We can offer a nationwide service from our office in the town of Pukekohe. We have been involved with a number of poultry farm projects for both large international poultry firms and smaller local suppliers.  These projects have included gaining Resource Consent approval, Engineering Design and observation services to prepare the site for construction. 


Poultry / Chicken Farm Resource Consent Record


We have worked on projects all around the North Island and currently have a large new poultry shed project underway in Christchurch.  Some of our more well-known clients include Cobb-Vantress, Bromley Park Hatcheries, Maketu Poultry and Welch Egg Company.


Our most recent success is a new $18m chicken farm where we have gained approval from both the Waikato Regional and District councils to construct a new free range broiler chicken farm at Maramarua in north eastern Waikato.  The two councils granted the necessary resource consents to build 10 poultry sheds capable of housing up to 36,000 birds each (360,000 birds in total). Consents were also granted to discharge dust and odour contaminants on the 88.9 hectare site on SH2.  The sheds measure 144m x 16m and will cover just over 23,000 square metres on the site. Each shed will have a grassed 16m free range outdoor area, two 2m wide overhangs from the shed roof and a low fence to contain the birds and an automated computer controlled ventilation system. This area is required if the farm was to meet animal welfare codes for a free range chicken operation.


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The Surveying Company has Planners, Surveyors and Civil Engineers with the required range of skills and experience to turn your Poultry farm ideas into reality.



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