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Are you in need of the services of a professional town planner? Look no further. When it comes to land use and planning, it pays to use highly experienced and established local service providers, well-versed in local legislative requirements and deeply entrenched within the local industry.

Whether you are subdividing or adding a room to your house, planning a new residential, commercial, industrial or infrastructure development, we are the people to call. TSC conveniently situated in Pukekohe, provides extensive town planner and consultant services to customers throughout the Aukland and Waikato regions.

What You Can Expect From a TSC Town Planner

What You Can Expect From a TSC Town Planner

We have been at the forefront of the land development and resource planning industries since our inception more than 30 years ago, providing services for a wide range of customers, from residential, to commercial and industrial. From agricultural, tourism and hospitality, to local councils and more.

  • Our service offering is diverse and comprehensive and includes all aspects and processes involved in the planning, surveying, civil engineering, and project management functions of land development. We aim to provide a hassle-free and efficient end-to-end service for our customers.
  • We provide customer service of the highest standard. Our team of planners, surveyors, civil engineers, and project managers are all hand-picked industry professionals at the peak of their disciplines. We are hands-on, applying our vast industry knowledge and experience to ensure the best possible outcomes for our customers.
  • We pride ourselves at all times on our professional conduct. We serve our customers with pride and integrity, honesty, complete commitment, and a positive attitude. We think outside the box, are adaptable, innovative, and proactive, rather than reactive.
Benefits of Using TSC as your Town Planner in Pukekohe

Benefits of Using TSC as your Town Planner in Pukekohe

We cannot overstate the importance of using a local, professional service when it comes to land use and development issues. Depending on your application, the planning and resource consent process can be highly complex, with many legal and other potential pitfalls to navigate.

  • With more than 30 years of local industry experience behind us, our professional team is uniquely qualified to help make your vision a reality. We are deeply entrenched in the local industry, and we effectively maintain an extensive network of relevant contacts that help guide the process smoothly.
  • We pride ourselves on guiding our customers through the entire process calmly and efficiently. We can effectively deal with any issues that may arise during the planning and resource consent process. Our success rate, at 99% since 1989, is unmatched within the local industry.
  • Our industry knowledge and experience are extensive and diverse, including everything from subdivisions to new residential, commercial and industrial developments, infrastructure development, recreation and community space development and redevelopment, and even land-use policy development.

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We have been responsibly transforming landscapes to design, create, and deliver unforgettable spaces for people to work, live, and play for more than 30 years. Our body of work over the years speaks for itself.

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