Project Management


Delivering Results

TSC is a one stop shop for all your land development projects. Our experienced Project Managers listen, advise and then deliver the project on time and on budget. All of our Project Managers are qualified and experienced land development professionals that will guide you from the beginning of the process right though to its successful completion.

What our Project Managers achieve for you?

Project managing is not just about delivering the completed job. TSC deliver jobs on time and on budget to keep your stress levels down!

Our Project Managers are by your side from the initial meeting right through to the very end of the process. Our job is to glue all the different disciplines and stakeholders together and deliver your desired outcome.

Communication – There are often multiple parties, consultants and professionals involved in a project. So, to keep the project on-course, a Project Manager must liaise between all parties and keep all involved up-to-date. The best solution to a problem is prevention! Communication is key.

Collaboration – TSC work in unison. Our offices are open plan and we have an equal number of Planners, Surveyors, Engineers and Project Managers. We regard our established relationships with other necessary land consultants as very important and they too have become a key element to our success.

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Latest News