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Why Is a Council Consent Important?

If you’re looking to start a new project in any land development area, you’ll need council consent. What consent does is a permission document from the council stating that you are allowed to continue in the development process you are about to undertake. A Resource consent is an example; it’s normally given out to approve specific land development projects or activities on the site and to make sure that the proposed work is durable, safe, and doesn’t endanger the safety or health of anyone using the facility.

Some work, however, that is considered low risk may not necessarily need consent, although many buildings in New Zealand require building consent from the council and the consent has to be issued before construction begins, not after.

Reasons for a Resource Consent

Reasons for a Resource Consent

A Resource Consent is a type of Council Consent that enables you to do something with or on a plot of land. You’ll need one of these when you’re planning to subdivide land or any other activity that doesn’t comply with the current rules and regulations of the District plan.

  • If you want to do something on a plot of land that isn't specifically allowed by the Council rules, you will need to get a land-use consent to be able to do it. It’s also required if you plan on doing any land modifications like earthworks, for example.
  • Regarding a resource consent application, it must be filed with the council to permit you to do something that isn’t clearly stated as permitted or prohibited in their plans. These include the using or subdividing of land, using or occupying coastal space, taking water from dams, discharging contaminants into the water, soil, or air, for that matter.
  • Different councils will prepare different plans that will reflect the aspirations and desires of the community in regard to the natural and physical resources. Regional councils will prepare all the regional plans under land, water, air, and soil. The city and district councils will prepare the plans focusing on subdivisions and land use which can affect the environment.

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