TSC are proud to have managed this impressive 35 Lot Rural Countryside Living Zone Subdivision located in the heart of the Ramarama Countryside Living Zone, Waimanu Awa Road.

Project Expertise

Planning, Engineering, Surveying, Project Management

Project Lead – Neil Crispe
Project Engineer – Avneet Kumar
Project Planner – Chanel Hargrave

Project Completion
December 2019

Project Description

The design concepts for this project started 2014 when the property was a working farming unit.  Using our extensive knowledge of rural subdivision and development a plan was set down for the development of the farm into a 35 Lot countryside lifestyle subdivision with a roading network to provide access to all Lots through challenging landscapes.  The design resulted in a 2 staged development that created an initial 4 Lots for sale using existing roading networks and developing the balance farm into a range of 31 rural lifestyle Lots ranging in area between 3,581m² & 5.86ha located in close proximity to the main transport corridors to Auckland and Hamilton.

The subdivision is bounded on one side with the Ngakaroa Stream while the Waimanu Stream flows through the central and eastern portions of the property.  The riparian margins of both streams are planted with a diverse range of New Zealand Native plant species and fenced off for protection.  In total 7.71ha of riparian planting and fencing forms the protection of these streams for future generations to enjoy and creates a wealth of habitat for bird life while enhancing the environmental dynamics of both streams and the surrounding landscape.

The vision for the roading design was to create a new public road that sweeps and flows through the landform utilising the existing natural features on the farm to provide accessibility to building sites clustered throughout the subdivision.  The result is the quintessential rural country road.  The design also involved integration of a road intersection with Great South Road.

TSC managed the project from conceptual drawings through to Resource Consent, Engineering Design, Contract Management, Service Installation, Surveying, Completion Certifications and ultimately the issue of Titles for all 35 Lots with high end amenity and landscape value for future residents and the wider community.







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