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A Licensed Land Surveyor Offers Guidance for Land Development Projects 

A licensed land surveyor provides you with the necessary information for your land development projects. The Surveying Company is your best resource to transform landscapes into places for people to live, work, and play. Learn why we are your best solution.

Background to Professional Land Surveyor Development 

Land surveyors are the first professionals on any construction site. They produce information that is integral to all projects. Learn why using a land surveyor ensures that a project flows smoothly. 

  • Surveyors measure and map our surroundings using mathematics, specialised equipment, and high-end technology. Projects they impact include land subdivision, the building of tunnels, major construction of buildings, or mining exploration. A registered surveyor in Auckland provides expert advice to the engineers, developers, and architects who are part of the puzzle that comes together in the completion of the project. It all begins by determining land size and measurements. 
  • Developers need the boundaries marked on the ground to understand the dimension and topography to ensure their vision will comply with the goals of the final project. An accurate land survey benefits title insurance companies when they want to provide extended coverage. Land surveying offers the basis upon which the rest of the project builds.
  • Land surveyors play an integral role in land development by supporting the plans and design of land subdivisions and assisting in the final construction of roads and landscaping. Our land surveyors ensure we complete the project on time and under budget.

When you work with professionals like us, you are partnering with land surveyors committed to responsible land development.

Key Questions to Ask Us about Surveying Companies in Auckland  

Land surveying companies provide the information you need for building permits, determining easements, or satisfying building codes and regulations. Learn the different types of land surveys so that you can make well-informed decisions in choosing a surveying company.

  • A boundary survey determines the actual property lines and corners of a parcel of land. You would use licensed cadastral surveyors to show a property’s legal boundary, area, and dimensions. The cadastral survey dates back to 1850 in New Zealand, and it is sometimes called the title sheet.
  • The construction survey determines measurements for construction on the property. It measures elevation, horizontal position, and dimensions that stake out the lines and grades for buildings.
  • Floodplain surveys measure if the land lies within a flood plain, which most insurance companies require. A lot-split survey determines the legal title and description of a parcel of land when it is part of a larger land area.

Why You Should Use The Surveying Company  

We are a wholly New Zealand land development consultancy that provides planning, surveying, engineering, project management, and urban design services. When overseeing your entire project, we keep you abreast of all phases of your project with a commitment that the project finishes on time and under budget. Please contact us with any questions.

Look to us for all your land development and resource management needs. We look forward to partnering with you on your next project.

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