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What's Great about your TSC Surveying Career?

This is what our Surveyors thought about working at TSC:

“Laid back, relaxed but busy atmosphere. No one is panicking, but everyone is working and super helpful.”

“Cohesive company culture in a midsized firm. It’s not so large that you don’t know everyone, and not so small that personality compatibility is vital."

“Love the site work. No city site construction noise, managing parking, tripping over Surveyors from other companies.  There’s nothing better than surveying in an open rural environment.”

“Good variety of work due to smaller jobs across a variety of projects and sectors. Beats being a small cog doing repetitive work on a large, extended project."

”Actively involved in the project from start to finish, and generally meet the client during the process. Great to develop a well- rounded understanding of the project."

“Big enough to provide variety and opportunity, not so big that you don’t know everybody.”

Graduate Surveyors

Experience and Development

  • Company is proactive in suggesting training to do 

  • Can work with the latest software and equipment e.g. GPS, Robotic Total Stations and Drone

  • Variety of different sized jobs, not stuck doing the same thing every day

  • Great opportunity to work towards Cadastral Licence

 Company Values

  • Doing a good job, not a quick job
  • Not pressured to do things on your own, encouraged to ask for help
  • Project Manager’s open door policy makes it so easy to talk about jobs, and solve problems straight away

Social and Friendly

  • Friendly, welcoming group, get together for weekly afterwork drinks in the “lunchroom” 

  • Celebrate performance achievements as a team with “10 Good Jobs” lunches

Intermediate Surveyors

  •  Largely left to your own devices, can seek good solid advice and mentorship when needed

  • Having all disciplines in house makes collaboration and project management easier as don’t have to outsource or extract data from external consultants

  •  Meets the Licenced Cadastral Surveyor training requirements being a multi-disciplinary firm with in-house Planners and Engineers

  • Track record of successfully training Surveyor staff members to achieve their Cadastral Surveyor Licence

Current TSC Surveyor Jobs

We have a full team of talented Surveyors, so no TSC Surveyor jobs are available at this time. 


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