Engineering Careers

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What's Great about your TSC Engineering Career?

Here's what our Engineers say about working at TSC

“For me the social aspect is important. Ï need to enjoy coming to work.“

“Everyone is friendly and work together well. Not pigeonholed in their work. Not competing against each other.“

“As every job is unique there is always something more to learn.“


Graduate Engineers

3rd Year Internship acts as trial for Graduate position

  • Great all-round experience learning what the job entails and Company Systems
  • Going on site with colleagues, able to observe and connect theory to practice

  • Opportunity to demonstrate merit and culture fit, leading to possible job offer

Well-paced training with help readily available

  • Encouraged to attend and participate in company-wide webinars and updates 
  • Starting with simple tasks and gradually progressing, supported by people available to teach new skills


Intermediate Engineers

Medium sized firm advantage

  • A wide range of colleagues, but still a personal environment where you know everyone
  • Enough people to get advice from, but not so big that you struggle to make contact with  colleagues
  • Flexibility regarding personal responsibilities, based on trust that project timelines will be met

 Focus on Technology & Professional Development

  • Use market leading, up-to date software and hardware

  •  Encouraged to find courses, TSC will fund relevant courses and support time away to attend

 Wide variety of work

  • From Medium Density Developments to large Rural Developments means every job is different
  • Variety of jobs gives opportunity to use and develop a wide range of skills

 Great office, amenities and location

  • Great, ergonomic work station set up to ensure comfortable working environment
  • Pukekohe has the amenities and convenience of large city living with no traffic


Current TSC Engineer Jobs

We have a full team of Engineers, so no TSC Engineer jobs are available at this time.


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