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The Surveying Company: Trusted Surveyors in Auckland for 30 Years

When it comes to hiring surveyors in Auckland for a land development project, you need a partner who can bring experience and peace of mind to the table. Even a small development project can be a huge undertaking with many moving parts. Knowing that you can trust your surveyors to provide reliable and accurate services. At The Surveying Company, we have the background, the institutional knowledge and the service range necessary to meet your needs.

Why The Surveying Company Is Cost-Effective

Another thing about land development: it’s costly, to the point where finding areas where you can maximise the value you are getting from specific teams or service hires is a must. At The Surveying Company, our Auckland land surveyors can deliver precisely this type of value-added service. Here are a few reasons we are cost-effective:

  • Hiring us means hiring 30-plus years of experience. When you choose us as your land surveyors in Auckland, you aren’t just getting a qualified team of land surveyors. On the contrary, you are also getting our more-than 30 years of industry experience. We know this trade and have learned some lessons about the job that we could only learn through time and experience.
  • Hiring us means getting every surveying qualification in New Zealand. We have been strategic in putting together our team of surveyors. Some are Registered and Licensed Cadastral Surveyors. Others are graduates of the Otago University surveying program. Some are technician surveyors. The wealth of different backgrounds and qualifications means we are well equipped to handle most types of rural or urban surveying. 
  • Hiring us means embracing technology. Just because we have been in business for 30 years doesn’t mean we are out of touch with the latest tools or methods. On the contrary, our land surveyors in Auckland have committed themselves to learn and master the latest technology, from aerial survey drones to self-levelling GPS technology.

Why Trust The Surveying Company as Your Licensed Surveyor in Auckland?

Beyond the above benefits, what makes The Surveying Company such a trustworthy partner when you need a licensed surveyor in Auckland? Here are a few ways we put our clients at ease:

  • We are consistent. One of the assets a business gains over a long lifespan is consistency. Over the years, we have developed internal processes and system checklists to make sure we are dotting all our I’s and crossing all our T’s. We never cut corners or miss important pieces of the puzzle, which saves time (and money) for you.
  • We communicate. We make a point of staying in touch with our clients at all times throughout the project, always providing up-to-the-minute updates on progress. If there are hurdles or delays, you will know about them right away.
  • We’ve done it before. 30-plus years of land surveying means we’ve probably seen a project similar to yours in the past. From rural subdivisions to easement plans to GIS data collection surveys, we’ve done it before.

If you are interested in working with our surveyors in Auckland, get in touch today, and we’ll have a conversation. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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