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The Surveying Company Provides Services as Development Consultants in Auckland

The Surveying Company has been offering our full range of services to landowners for over 30 years, and that includes working as development consultants in Auckland. When you are in the process of developing your land, you need to work with a company well known for its ability to get results on time and within your budget.

Problems with Urban Design in Auckland the Surveying Company Addresses 

Auckland is a growing city with a burgeoning population, thanks to its active job market. Given its geography, several issues could arise in the planning and construction stage of products, but nothing our experienced team can’t handle. Here are a few ways we can deal with the issues that crop up:

  • With the premium on property in Auckland, many subdivisions are being built on steeper slopes and other hilly areas. Our team of engineers understands the difficulties that can come from these developments and the special requirements for draining and other considerations.
  • Technology is key to our success, and we stay up-to-date, using the most current technology to improve the accuracy and reliability of all the work we do. Our engineers use the latest computer design software, and we equip our surveying crews with self-levelling GPS units and even GPS guided drones.
  • Land development is often a collaborative process with the best outcomes delivered when all the facets of the project are on the same page. We have built strong relationships over the years with the Council, service providers and community groups vital to the success of our projects.

What Sets the Surveying Company Apart as a Town Planner in Auckland

Our qualified and experienced team is well-connected in the industry and have helped develop thousands of subdivisions over our decades in business. The following are only a few of the ways we are set apart from the rest:

  • Between our surveying, planning and engineering teams we can look after your entire project, meaning you don’t need to worry about a thing. Look at our impressive track record, including 99.8% of our subdivisions approved.
  • Our engineering team comprises a diverse set of disciplines so we can tackle any job you require for development. There is no job too big or too small for our team to tackle.
  • As a natural problem solvers, our team loves to take on a new challenge. We approach our work with a positive attitude and take proactive steps to ensure our clients get what they want.

Why the Surveying Company’s Service as Land Development Consultants is Cost-Effective

Inland development, cost-effectiveness is more than just about the money spent on services. With the time constraints of your project, you need to work with a company that will get the work done efficiently, within your schedule as well as within your budget. Our team has the experience, tools and contacts and understanding of Council rules to get your project approved within your time constraints. If you are interested in learning more about our services, including as your land development consultants, contact us today.

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